Potter gets lucky after AC Milan is down to 10

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Graeme Potter was pleased with his side’s performance in the 2-0 win over AC Milan. But admitted he had little luck with the remaining 10 opponents.

Chelsea under Potter continued their fine form with a 2-0 win over AC Milan in the Champions League group stage on Tuesday. Make it the leader of Group E with 7 points.

The crucial turning point came in the 18th minute. When Milan were left with 10 players after Fikayo Tomori fouled Mason Mount in the penalty area, prompting a red card and conceding a penalty from Jorginho. Don’t miss the first goal ufabet.

Potter said after the game: “It’s not easy to come and play here and win. Gotta give credit to the players. They are doing really well.”

“We had a bit of luck with 10 opponents left, overall a good performance. And it’s good to keep a clean sheet. Going back out with three points is awesome.”

“As a young defender, you have to ask how he has allowed himself to get into that position, where you are cambering on the back of a player,” said Ferdinand. “Mason Mount’s movement is exquisite, comes short then turns to go long.

“It’s great play from Mount initially. Anywhere else on the pitch that is going to be called as a foul, and the rulebook states if there is no intent to play the ball, which isn’t there, you are going to get a red card. The rules are the rules. I don’t necessarily agree, I would feel hard done by, but the rules are the rules.”

Lescott added: “It is great movement from Mason, but it is just panic isn’t it really. He feels it’s harsh, but it is a foul.”