Tomori failed to crash his old team to make Piw World Cup

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AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori is unlikely to be a 26-year-old England international. Who is set to kick off the FIFA World Cup later this year. When his Champions League performance in two games against former ufabet club Chelsea is disastrous. According to Rio Ferdinand, analyst at BT Sport.

Tomori ‘s ‘ Rossoneri ‘ lost away – home to the ‘ Blues ‘ 0-3 and 0-2 respectively, plus the latest game at San Siro . The 24 – year-old was sent off early on.  

The pressure that is difficult to overcome and the level of performance between the Italian Serie A and the English Premier League makes. The ‘ Roaring Lions ‘ degree 81 matches dare to guess manager Gareth Southgate’s team that they may not consider Fikayo to Qatar  

” In the last two games, he should have shown two key factors in his game to allow Gareth Southgate to make a decision – I would have decided not to take this guy -” Ferdinand say. Commentary , who passed the 1998 FIFA World Cup as a substitute , 2002 and 2006 as a main character.  

“ The negligence that led to the concession of a penalty. When Mason Mount ran behind him, or in the first match against Chelsea. The misorganization of Aubameyang ‘s goal-scoring attempt was also wrong. Missed the eye. ” 

“ Two big games that should have been use as a stage show. They were mark to be remember and pave the way for a place in the England squad but turn out to be two bad performances. ” 

“ That guy is still young and still can come back in the national team. I feel like he deserves the opportunity to flag the tournament and prove himself under the ‘ Roaring Lions ‘ uniform. ” 

“ But the results from the games that have passed have never escaped the sight of Southgate . ” 

In the past UEFA Nations League program , Fikayo came in as a 28 – footed player. But lost to Italy 0-1 , just a reserve without a chance to compete. Then without a name, use the match, draw Germany 3-3  .