“Ferdinand” urges “VD” to stop Halaand showing the industry

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Sky Sports analyst Rio Ferdinand has hail the upcoming weekend’s big Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester City as a chance for the hosts to use the momentum to defeat the reigning champions to recover form.

The ‘ Reds ‘ kicked eight matches on the day just 10 points. Their worst in a decade , 13 points behind runners -up City. So losing again would almost limit the chances of a miracle at the end of the season.  

But many people are worry about the problem of Jurgen Klopp ‘s team , defensive game leaks, plus the factors Erling Braut Haaland, the former champion spear. They have made 15 goals from 9 matches, may break through until a sad story Anfield.

However, as an old defender, Ferdinand set out to support Van Dijk to break the form of a Norwegian spear lock in his pants pocket. So that the Khong villagers can stop questioning their work ufabet.

” It’s a good opportunity for Liverpool. ” comment after City ‘s 0-0 draw with FC Copenhagen in the Champions League yesterday .  

“ I’ve seen games like this before. If you’re in form but when it comes to playing big matches, it’s the perfect match for a recovery. ” 

” This is something Liverpool should be thinking about. This is the time when Virgil van Dijk will produce a gag of two or three skeptics of him at the moment. ”  

“ At this point, it’s going to be a duel with a player who has no weaknesses. The best player in the world today. Plus the form is in the best shape. When Haland is visiting – borrow this guy from different stairs to climb up to recover his reputation – ” 

“ Every tide will change if done successfully. confidence will return and everyone will return to their place of entry. ” 

Easy to say, but difficult to do when Liverpool, the latest bloomer, sacrifice Luis Diaz , Trent Alexander – Arnold and Joel Matip before the Champions League match met Re . Ngers FC (12 Oct. ) and returned from Ibrox Stadium, not sure what condition .