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July 9, 2015

What is Phoenard?


Phoenard can control your projects

The Phoenard is a programmable controller with a gentle learning curve. Use the Phoenard to control robots, machines, lights, wearables and more, making use of the onboard wireless communication and sensors. The Arduino library makes developing a breeze, including simple ways to build user interfaces. Extensions can be docked at the bottom to control sensors and general electronics, which can be of great value to hobbyists, students and engineers alike.



Phoenard is a learning tool

It can be difficult getting into embedded software development. We developed a library hooking into the Arduino environment to make developing for the Phoenard easy and intuitive. Plenty of examples and tutorials are available to get your project up and running quickly, while still allowing for more complex designs for advanced programmers. On-board tutorials are planned as well!



Phoenard is for prototyping

The 30-pin connector can be used to connect your electronics projects to the device. Drive lights, motors, robots, sensors and microchips easily, with the possibility to dock and undock the projects to switch between them. With its LCD-Touchscreen and WiFi/Bluetooth/SIM wireless communication, the Phoenard allows for far more interactive designs. Display live information on the screen, use buttons and sliders to adjust parameters and control your projects from across the world with something as simple as a text message!



Phoenard is a portable gadget

The device can run on its own battery, comes in an easy to carry around package and can be re-programed using programs stored on a Micro-SD card, allowing you to switch between functions anywhere you like. Take it with you into the field to quickly debug and measure sensor systems, without requiring a bulky computer. With on-board phone and music player functionality, you can also use it as your day-to-day mobile phone.


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