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August 22, 2015


This page covers how the components on the Phoenard are connected together, detailing the ‘pinout’ of connectors and components.


Block Diagram


On-board components are controlled through SPI, I2C and Serial data interfaces. An 8-bit parallel data bus is used for the TFT LCD Screen.


Board Pinout


  • The pin mapping can be found in tabular form here: pinmapping.csv  (Phoenard Toolkit, Github)
  • The pin mapping is included in the Phoenard library here: PHNCore.h  (Phoenard Library, Github)


Board Schematic


Phoen-Ex 30-Pin Connector


Application notes: some male connectors have an altered pin position, and can have the top and bottom pin rows reversed. Before designing a PCB footprint, check the pin order of your male connector. Also note that not all pins are ‘ipod compatible’. Only USB 5V, Ground and speaker output pins line up with the Phoenard pinout. Please do not attempt to connect Firewire cables to the Phoenard, you may destroy the microprocessor. You can use ipod charging cables and ipod speaker docking stations with the Phoenard.

Phoenon Protoboard Pinout


Application notes: recommended is to install small microcontrollers or I2C/SPI sensors on this shield as opposed to using the SPI/I2C pins as digital pins. The digital pins can be used to turn the on-board component on/off (SPI chip select) or control simple circuitry. Note that pin 13 is shared with the indicator LED.