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May 7, 2015

About us


Irmo van den Berge

21 years old Dutch co-founder and software engineer. Previously active in the modding and plugin development scene under the alias Bergerkiller, he has a decade worth of experience in the field of software design and debugging. He is responsible for writing and maintaining Phoenard´s firmware and software.
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Pamungkas P. Sumasta

21 years old Indonesian. The initiator and co-founder of Phoenard who is very passionate about Electronics and Making. His prototyping and hardware design experience lead him to win the AVRHero contest, turning Phoenard into a reality. He has broad knowledge and experience in printed circuit design, leading the hardware development and production.
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Ralf Smit

21 years old Dutch. Co-founder who is very passionate about product design. Experienced in the field of 3D printing and laser cutting, designer who shaped the Phoenard board and casing. He is the leading-man in the business-promotion, finance and marketing of the Phoenard. Supporting the team creatively, he is the musician of the Group too!
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Our history


June 2013

Pamungkas Sumasta developed a mini device called Inertial Mobile Phone, a mobile phone with inertial control and measurement with added development tools.


November 2013

Pamungkas Sumasta joined the AVRHero contest from Atmel, a contest where people can vote for a winning project.

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February 2014

Pamungkas his idea won, during the Embedded World Fair in Nurnberg he was officially announced to be the winner and awarded a check price.


March 2014

The Phoenard name and team was established, Irmo van den Berge and Ralf Smit joining to further develop as part of the Entrepreneurship semester at the Hanze Institute of Technology, Assen, Netherlands.


May 2014

We showcased the first Phoenard prototype developed during our study, the Red Phoenard, in the Atmel booth during the maker faire in the Maker Bay Area, San Francisco. Here he met the co-founder of Arduino, Massimo Banzi, among others.


September 2014

Continuing development, we together joined the minor study program called CENSI where we planned to start a crowdfunding campaign. It is here that the next revision of the Phoenard, the White Phoenard, was born and various improvements to hardware and software happened.


October 2014

We attended the maker faire in Rome, where we showcased our newest prototype with demos, announcing our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We won the maker of merit award during the event.


November 2014

We attended the Elektronica faire at the Atmel booth in Munich, Germany. During the Hackaday event we officially launched our Kickstarter with backers joining in right away!


November – December 2014

Our Kickstarter campaign slowly but surely reached our initial goal of 20000,- and continuing to gather support until a final €35,673,- was achieved. During the event we were nervous and busy contacting media, answering questions and further working on the Phoenard design in the background.


February 2015

With our minor coming to an end with a successful Kickstarter behind us, we joined the Ondernemersfabriek in Drenthe (Netherlands) to continue working on the Phoenard among other entrepreneurs. With hardware design mostly finished, during this time the software development and arranging production with our manufacturing partner became our focus.


July 2015

After months of work preparing the Phoenard for production, the first batch was officially produced by our manufacturing partner, Seeedstudio. We spent full weeks arranging the quality control and reworking of the devices, which resulted in a successful first batch.